LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that people are facing the worst ever flood but protestors in Islamabad are celebrating in their sit-ins, which amounts to making mockery of the miseries of the flood-affectees.

Talking to the media during his visit to flood affected areas on Saturday, the chief minister asked PTI and PAT to help the flood-affectees “as they deserve attention of every Pakistani at this hour of trial”.

On the other hand, he said that history would never forgive PTI and PAT over their celebrations “when Punjab is sinking in flood water”. He claimed that the Punjab government, in the biggest rescue and relief operation, shifted more than 0.3m people to safer places.

The chief minister visited Narowal, Shakargarh, Bajwaat (Sialkot), Khanewal, Muzaffargarh and other flood-hit areas and reviewed the relief activities. He met the affected people and inquired about their problems. He said that he would not rest till complete rehabilitation of the affectees.

“Punjab is up against the worst flood of the history wherein not only human but a huge material loss has come about,” Shahbaz said.

He disclosed that infrastructure had been badly damaged by the floods but the government was determined to compensate the affected people for their losses using all out resources, although human loss could not be substituted.

The CM also visited the tent village at Head Muhammadwala, Muzaffargh and inspected the relief arrangements. Although satisfied with the installation of mechanical tandoors at the village, he wondered why such arrangement was made after such a delay.

With annoyance, he asked the officers whether the affectees were offered meals only where he was visiting.

He strictly instructed the administrative officers to ensure supply of food. The CM also dined with the affectees and instructed the officers for setting more mechanical tandoors.

Addressing the affectees of Shakargarh, Narowal, Chakra and adjacent villages, Shahbaz said that first installment of financial assistance would be paid to the affectees before Eid-ul-Azha.

“In my whole practical life, I have never witnessed such destruction,” Shahbaz Sharif said. He said that the Punjab government had started survey for assessing losses caused to crops and properties. He directed the administration to immediately start reconstruction and repair work of affected roads.

During a briefing to the Chief Minister on the occasion, it was told that 16 persons died due to flood and rains in Narowal whereas cheques of financial assistance have been provided to the heirs of 15 persons by Punjab government. Relief and medical camps have been set up in affected areas of the district.

Shahbaz Sharif said that MNAs and MPAs of other political parties except PTI were helping flood affectees. He said the PTI was the only party, which leadership and assembly members were celebrating in Islamabad. He said that the decision of celebrating “Jashan” by PTI was tantamount to adding insult to the injury of distressed people.

Shahbaz also met affectees in tent village Faazil Shah of Khanewal. The administration gave briefing to the chief minister on the occasion. He said that availability of medicines in abundance should be ensured in the tents. He said that complete compensation of losses would be paid.