ISLAMABAD - Dejected over the suspension of talks among the government, PTI and PAT, members of Political Jirga expressed their resolve to bring back the estranged parties on negotiation table, as according to them ultimately the imbroglio would be resolved through negotiations.

Following the break-up of negotiations after the massive crackdown of the government against the protesting PTI and PAT workers, Political Jirga head Sirajul Haq, who is also chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, urged the government to immediately release all the arrested activists of both the protesting parties so that the stalled negotiations could be restored. Haq said the latest crackdown was not a desirable action on part of the government, which had brought them back to square one. He urged all sides to adopt restraint and avoid resorting to violence, which would further vitiate the already tense situation.

One of the Jirga members informed The Nation that all their efforts were washed away due to this extreme step and they have to start afresh to bring back the things on negotiation table as, according to him, dialogue is the only way forward.

To a question the Jirga member, who did not want to be named, said that they had narrowed down the differences among the government and protesting parties but this move has derailed the whole exercise.

Sources aware of the developments taking place on this front informed that Jirga members were disappointed over the government’s move, as they were given assurance by the top ruling party members that during the course of negotiations no arrests would be made. Even the government team members engaged in negotiations were not aware of the arrests, a source in Political Jirga informed. Senator Rehman Malik, another member of Political Jirga, said that the break-up in negotiations was a bad omen and it could lead to further deterioration of things and result in some major blow to the system. He advised the leadership of both PTI and PAT to adopt restraint while on the other hand urged the government to release the arrested workers of both the parties so that the stalled talks could be put on track again.

Sources in Political Jirga said the crackdown on the PAT and PTI workers had displeased the Jirga members who, according to these sources, had toiled hard to narrow down the differences between the government and protesting parties and were almost near to reaching a mutually acceptable accord.