LAHORE - PPP's Secretary Information Qamar Zaman Kaira on Saturday supported Dr Tahirul Qadri's demnad for resignation of Punjab chief minister till completion of the investigation into Model Town incident.

He, however, did not endorse Imran Khan's contention about resignation of the prime minister, saying it was not justified at this stage because the allegation of rigging in polls was yet to be established.

“PM's resignation would be justifed only when the charge of rigging is proved as a result of judicial commission's probe,” he said in response to a question while talking to a group of journalists belonging to print media here in Lahore.

Kaira was asked if the demands of PTI chief Imran Khan and PAT leader Dr Tahirul Qadri about resignations of prime minister and Punjab chief minister respectively were justified given the nature of allegations aganist the two. He made it clear that his views about resignation of the Punjab chief minister were purely his personal and not that of his party.

Substantiating his point about Punjab CM's resignation, Kaira said that involvement of Punjab government in the Model Town killings was quite obvious.

"Police opened fire on PAT workers killing 14 and injuring around 100. The initial investigation also leads to the conclusion that police were under directions from high ups to teach the protesters a lesson," he said, adding that hesitation on government's part to make the findings of the judicial commission and that of the joint investigation team public was also creating doubts about its involvement into the whole affair.

Speaking in the context of current political crisis, Kaira said it was not over so far.  Answering a question, the PPP leader said Imran Khan would not be a loser irrespective of whatever was the outcome.

"Both Imran and Dr Qadri have staged biggest protest in country's history and have got extensive media coverage for over a month," he said. Kaira disagreed with the contention that decreasing number of people at the sit-in would lessen the intensity of protest.  "It does not really matter how many people are sitting before Khan when he speaks to them. He has access to almost every drawing room in the country through electronic media when he stands on his container to address the crowd," he remarked.

He was of the view that notwithstanding the rejection of PTI chief's demand regarding PM's resignation, mere acceptance of his other demands by the government might lead the country towards mid-term polls. Qamar said rigging in May elections was most likely to be proved as a result of the anticipated probe; and, in such a scenario, there would be no justification for the government to continue. And even this would be a no small achievement of Mr Khan, he observed.

Reacting to the criticism that PPP was supporting the government only because the PML-N had helped it to compete its five years term, Kaira rejected this notion, saying that Nawaz party did not stand with PPP government in difficult times. "In Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif launched a sort of civil disobedience movement against the federal government by orchestrating protests against loadshedding and setting up protest camp at Minar-e-Pakistan.

Elder brother Nawaz Sharif went to the court on memo issue and asked Prime Minister Gilani to step down till conclusion of the investigations," he explained.

Kaira said in the present situation the PPP was only supporting the Parliament and democracy and it was another thing if the government was the beneficiary of this stance indirectly.