India released water from its dams unexpectedly and nature is also fickle, which brought about this year’s massive floods. Due to the climate shift as a result of green-house gases, the problem of floods is going to be with us forever, unless we do something to control these inundations. In advanced countries, all rivers are dredged regularly to deepen their beds to increase their stream capacity, so that the water does not overflow their banks. Also, many huge artificial lakes are maintained, along the rivers, to divert and store flood water, but in our case we need water for agriculture and electricity and for us the best option is to build dams upstream on all the problem rivers including Chenab, Jhelum and Indus, when not only the excess of water will be stored but we shall also get side benefits of electricity and agricultural production, while getting rid of flash floods saving destruction of human lives and vast agriculture produce.

This is the national consensus, we need to be get united instead of being misled by petty politics thwarting to carry out this essential and inevitable national task of the need to build these necessary dams.


Muzaffargarh, September 9.