Only few people have the charisma to stand out among the crowds and prove their individuality. Nadya Mistery is one such fashion designer who has been making momentous fashion waves within Pakistan fashion industry. She started her career in 1997 and since then she has achieved many milestones by pushing limits of Pakistani fashion industry. She has dolled up many celebrities in an eloquent manner and brought out their finest self. With her gigantic international presence she is proudly representing the true spirit of moderate cultural trends. In this interview, the goddess of fabric talks about her professional experiences and personal life.

Kindly tell us about your family and your most cherished time of life?

My dad, mom, brother and doggie-that’s my family. Short and sweet!

The time of my life that I remember very fondly is the time when I was in O’levels. Life was simple, my grandfather was alive and I was terribly spoilt!

You were doing pretty well in Paris, when did you decide to venture in Pakistan? How is your experience here?

I studied and did my internship in Paris, but it was never my intention to live there, despite job offers. I went to NY to do another internship, but the idea was always to come back to Pakistan and start my own business here.

When did you find about your passion for designing?

When I was a teenager, I discovered an interest in clothes and fabrics.

Is there any particular style of collection you prefer to design?

I enjoy designing everything from casuals to formals-eastern and western. But I really love doing bridal wear and sherwanis. It’s a bigger canvas, a more open budget and I get a chance to really indulge my creativity.

What is your design statement? Where do you get your inspiration for designs?

I like trendy and different. My statement would be distinctive, I guess. I don’t think fashion should be taken too seriously. I love bringing an element of humour in fashion and style.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, a book, an event, a colour, a mood etc. I feel that in the end it’s one’s life that inspires them.

What one thing distinguishes your collections from other designers present in market?

Individuality, details, art…

What is the most important quality a designer must have to excel?

Passion and creativity

What is your best possession?

My talent, my wit and my books!

What was your most memorable moment in fashion industry?

I guess when I opened my store in Karachi in 2000. It was where and how I wanted to be at that time. I had made a foot print in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Many top Pakistani models have modeled for your brand, who do you think have best projected your design so far?

I’ve always selected models according to the themes and outfit requirements. Hence, the chosen models have perfectly represented that collection.

Other than models, some Lollywood celebs have also walked for your house, which celebrity do you wish to design in nearest future?

I would love to design for the new strew of actors. They are well groomed, figure conscious and embrace fashion and style.

After doing shows at international platforms, how do you think Pakistan fashion industry has come so far in matching the competition?

We have come quite far as an industry. If there was some way of getting rid of insecurities and coming together on a single platform, that would really give us a big boost.

Who do you think is our fashion competitor?

India, Turkey, UAE, and the Far East.

You have graduated from one of the most prestigious fashion schools. Kindly share with us your experience.

It was an exhilarating experience. They taught us to push boundaries, to think outside the box and work outside our comfort zone. It was an extremely liberating feeling.

Are Pakistani fashion schools producing talent ready to compete with international industry?

Sure. We are just mot producing enough jobs or opportunities to absorb the graduates into the industry,

Who are easier to handle? Pakistani clients or international?

Clients are the same everywhere. I prefer the ones who don’t bargain.

Where do you rate your career on a scale of 10?

At the moment I’m laying low. I might not be marketing my label at all, but I am still very present, very current and very much in demand!

What is your say on fashion weeks? How important is it for a designer to present his collection at a fashion week event?

Internationally, very important. In Pakistan, not so much. It’s just an exercise in entertainment; no buyers, no proper distribution channels for the collections. Hence, quite futile.

How was the experience of venturing into men’s designs?

It’s been a fun experience. Men are known very style-aware. They want to experience and indulge in fashion and that’s quite refreshing to see.

Who is the best dressed female and male politician in Pakistan?

I don’t think anyone wears anything outstanding or stylish!

What’s your favourite cuisine and place to dine in?

I like European cuisine. Any place that offers an authentic meal and a pleasant ambiance is where I like to dine at.

Kindly define yourself and your label in one line.

I’ll define in a word: Original!

Home is where?

My bed is! Haha!