Civil servants retire at 60, while our politicians do not retire and try to remain in the mainstream. Some of them are mentally incapacitated, but in the absence of any kind of medical test they remain in power in their mentally dilapidated health. It is about time that there was an age limit to doing work as vital as running a country. We also need to provide opportunities to our younger and educated class to come forward and guide the nation to progress. This would require necessary amendments, to retire politicians at 60 and an annual medical examination should be a must to gauge their fitness every year. There should also be a criteria for mental well-being to rule the nation. Moreover, all foreign trips for medical advice ought to be curbed, as this is done on tax payer’s money while our country has the best facilities available. We have nurtured the politicians till they reach their graves as if they have a perpetual leave to loot the country at will.


Lahore, September 8.