By Ghulam Fatima

Women entrepreneurs are one third of total business persons around the world. They are flying high at the greatest avenues of business industry and managerial grounds. Look around and one will see many a women being the sole bread winners of their families. In developed countries, women have gained their share in making their efforts recognised, however, in the developing countries like ours their role is not commended as it should have been.

Talking about our part of the world, even though men are working to raise their family as well but now woman are also taking care of their houses as well as playing affluent role in Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) which is a positive sign for our country’s economy.

Many researchers concluded that women start their own businesses for a variety of reasons. The main reasons are they have planned a business or they have a passion to solve the career relating problem. Others may plainly be for their self esteem to prove themselves in the fast moving world, for example if they have an idea for business plan, a passion to solve the career relating problem, to remove influence of others on their careers, maintaining more balanced life, creating a personal vision. However, the research suggests that “women have a great ability to multi-task themselves and they do not have any fear in taking any risk in their employment. But in this modern age women are still facing issues in their entrepreneurship, because male gender is still dominating in their lives”.

According to the Economic Census of Pakistan women owned businesses represent about 2.4 % of the total 3.2 million enterprises in Pakistan. Most of the women have small business and it is clearly concentrated in the household sector. Pakistan’s small and medium enterprise policy of 2007 also states that special attention will be given to women entrepreneurs and other disadvantaged group. This policy aims to increases the women owned small business to 6 %.

In Pakistan woman entrepreneurship is also a source of income in which many NGOs and also many organisations are working and now in Pakistan most seven influential woman entrepreneurs are present who play very important role not only in Pakistan as well as across the world. One of the rising female entrepreneurs is Sidra Qasim. This lady is the co-founder of Town Shoes and also sells handcrafted made in Pakistan shoes and import them. Her clientele spreads in many European countries.

There are so many places in Pakistan where markets are formed where only females have shops and they sell their goods in it. Like in Lahore Liberty market every year a Meena bazaar takes place where woman sell out their hand crafts. Moreover, there are many females who run their small business from their houses. I took interview of some of the females that have small businesses and are proving their mark.

Freeha Nanjiani is a19 years old business women and arts student at Indus Valley School. She loved to make jewellery. She started making handmade bangles and envelopes but then she started reselling imported jewellery. She did retailing of jewellery and charms then she tried making new stuffs with the charm as people took more interest she started making bracelets and then necklaces and then more people liked the jewellery. By utilizing this interview, she conveyed to her female fans to do what they want to doesn’t matter that you are a boy or a girl. You should do what you want and fight for it. I became a business woman just at the age of 17 and now it’s been more than two years and this experience will help me in my future life and my family feels proud on it.

Mobeen latif 27 years old and a house wife, she is fond of making handicrafts. She has a passion related to art that’s why she started making jewellery from clay but when she started having good response she transformed this hobby into a professional venture and now she sells unique style of jewelries and females love to wear them.

Such are the women raising the par of living by diminishing gender discrimination in terms of financial independency and stability. We need to encourage these courageous women who are supporting their families in toughest circumstances. Last year more than 103 million women were actively engaged in starting and running new business ventures around the world. This is an overwhelming number and such large number of women taking charge of their lives is undoubtedly a good omen for humanity.