Through this letter I want to make a humble request to both the print and electronic media of the country, politicians, news/current affairs anchors of both private and State-controlled TV channels, analysts, columnists, and to all those who read this letter that please stop writing and saying “Karachi and in Sindh”.

By referring to this term we actually give an impression to a listener and a reader as if Karachi is a separate entity from Sindh. By saying and writing “Karachi and in Sindh”, we actually hurt the feelings of a particular dominant ethnic group of the Sindh province i.e Sindhis.

We often hear many news anchors of private TV channels saying as “it heavily rained today in Karachi and in Sindh” or “a complete shutterdown strike was observed today in Karachi and in Sindh”; I ask all of them, Do we say “Lahore and in Punjab”, “Peshawar and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” and “Quetta and in Balochistan”?

Why then, have we adopted a strange phraseology whenever we discuss Karachi and the rest of Sindh? Why we misguide and misinform all our readers and listeners by uttering such a sentence. Karachi was, is and will always remain a part of the Sindh province. We must change our attitude and approach when we discuss the whole of Sindh province including Karachi. By saying and writing “Karachi and in Sindh” why do we easily forget that Karachi is an integral part of the Sindh province besides being its capital?


Karachi, August 21.