a difference of opinion

S: It is maddening that private schools charge such fees for education ad fail to provide something as basic and necessary as a health counselor or a psychologist on campus.

A: Why would our children need a psychologist on campus? They don’t have mental problems? They come from rich educated backgrounds; if their parents feel like they require any sort of support they can always seek it themselves. It is not the job of the school to point it out? Can you imagine the uproar if that happens?

S: How can you say such a thing? If a child spends more than half his/her day at school and goes home and has little contact with the parents and prepares for the next day, how can you say it is not the responsibility of the schools to ensure the mental health of their students? Even in the poorest schools in the United States, some sort of health counselor is provided so that students have an outlet to talk about their problems especially if they are facing something at home.

A: And how is it any of the schools’ business what is happening at home?

S: If the grades of the child are suffering due to some reason or the student’s behavior is affecting the other student adversely it is the schools responsibility at the end of the day. And they have to ensure the safety of each and every child. If there is anything that the Karachi incident has taught us is that we have to be more understanding of teenage problems. We have to lend a listening ear and give kind advice. The school is as responsible for shaping a child’s life as the parents. Its time they take this seriously.