This refers to the column published in daily The Nation on 20th August 2015 on the titled Celebrating the New Chief Justice by Jalees Haris. The current Chief Justice of Pakistan, no doubt is a thorough gentleman and an accomplished professional judge.

I endorse the views expressed by the Mr. Jalees because I had the opportunity to work with Chief Justice of Pakistan when he joined LUMS Law Department now Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law (SAHSOL). He is a very hard worker, professional, keeps himself confined to his professional work. He respects every rank and file, particularly gives more respect to the down trodden peoples around him. His bold action to refuse extra protocol, reflects his contended personality. He is not greedy or hungry of lavish protocol at the cost of poor peoples.

He took oath in Urdu language represents the wishes of the poor people of Pakistan and since he has elevated to the Supreme Court in 2009, he has started arranging translation in Urdu so that common peoples can also read about the Supreme Court who cannot read in English. It is very sad that his tenure is short, If it would have been one year or two then there might be more corrective measure by this gentleman.

The successive governments in Pakistan have badly failed to provide basic necessities of life because of their bad government, corruption, loot and plunder mercilessly the poor peoples’ money.


Lahore, August 21.