Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate two new trains on Friday. 

The premier will inaugurate Rawalpindi Express and Mianwali Rail Car.

According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Railways, the Mianwali Rail Car consists of nine passenger coaches. The manufacturing cost of the rail car was Rs 8.5 million, the statement added.

Mianwali Rail Car will be operational from today. The train will depart from Kundian for Rawalpindi at 7 am and depart from Rawalpindi for Kundian at 6 pm daily, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi Express which has a total capacity of 685 passengers will be operational from September 15 on Saturday.

The Rawalpindi Express will simultaneously leave from Lahore and Rawalpindi at 8 pm on a daily basis, the statement further said.

An online facility is available for passengers to book their seats.