By Khalid Mustafa Advocate

It was very much necessary just after the Sahiwal ruthless & brutal killings by the police to think about a court trial beyond the general court practice through the existing laws & procedures. At that time, after political statements & with the passage of time, no one seriously bothered the gravity of offence or crime. However, the black spot remained in public minds as how the case had been dealt with? And realization was not felt deeply to find a way for the acceptable speedy trial to achieve justice to provide a relief to the deceased family and public satisfaction. Now, we have a test case of a lady traveller before our rulers & security agencies.

Here, we all must feel a very deep realization of the case, not for the lady & her family but for all people living in Pakistan. We must look into the seriousness of the issue first, then must consider different ways to find a way for acceptable speedy trial to achieve justice and provide a relief to the lady, her family and public satisfaction as in a routine trial.

There will be so many complications that can affect the court verdict. There is a way for an urgent court trial of the lady case and for this either the President of Pakistan or the Governor of Punjab has to promulgate an ordinance for the purpose of a relief & justice to the lady, her family and public in a limited time period which is not possible in a routine practice. 

However, there remains a need for proper legislation in such cases to empower more to the President of Pakistan to issue directions whenever felt necessary after an advice from the Prime Minister to direct the senior most inspector general of police to conduct the case investigation in his personal supervision after ensuring a strong FIR.

Then the trial must start in concerned court of Chief Justice of High Court with special given power through the legislation to look into the case as to meet the ends of justice and not to remain within the limits of existing laws & procedures. The more powers will ensure admission of any kind of evidence, which can aid to provide justice and to adjudicate the case with peace of mind and hence to give judgment within a predefined limit of 30 days.

An appeal could be allowed within 07 days and to be decided by the apex court within 15 days.

A desired legislation could be done on war footings as this involves our national interest to hold the supremacy of law after the commitment of a heinous crime or when a population at very large scale feels very insecure or their rights have been affected.

We also need at the same time, a legislation to handle the cases as one case came up recently through electronic & print media and relating to a government officer, from whose home, Rs 330 million have been recovered. In general routine if this case is registered and handled then it may favour more to the officer then to the state.

Therefore, legislation is needed to do more efficiently the desired tasks to work against corruption. If from a single man so huge amount could be recovered then a massive drive in this connection in Pakistan can ease Pakistan in foreign loans payments in a very short time.

A few days back, the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court expressed his remarks in a case that it was obvious from the similar petitions that the ministries, agencies and other state organs were directly or indirectly involved in illegal real estate business. This is the true picture which does not need any more comments.

Once a man narrated a story of CDA member, who had misused his authority for personal gains and his personal gains worth, was told in billions including commercial buildings, plots & other properties in Islamabad. For a better Pakistan, we must think for new laws through legislation from time to time to ensure justice for all and without consuming much time in court proceedings and spending much hard earned money to have the justice.

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