Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umar Sheikh has on Monday apologized over his controversial statement regarding the motorway rape incident.

Umar Sheikh said, “I apologize to the victim and all other classes who were hurt by my remarks. I had no intention to give any wrong impression.”

The Lahore CCPO had earlier remarked that the rape victim should have been more careful and taken a safer route. He said, “The affected woman departed from Defence Area of Lahore after midnight and took motorway route instead of GT Road, that too without adequate fuel.

“The woman called her brother instead of police and her brother telephoned the motorway police at 130 to send a police mobile for her help.”

Earlier today, Lahore High Court Chief Justice remarked that the entire federal Cabinet should apologize for the 'victim-blaming' comments made by Lahore's Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Mohammad Umar Sheikh.

In a hearing over a petition to initiate a judicial inquiry over the Lahore motorway gang-rape case, LHC Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan said the government may do so if it wishes and that it is legally possible.

"Read the law and let me know as well under what clause shall the court issue such an order," Justice Khan said. "Don't file petitions just to get them in the news."

The government-appointed lawyer told the court a first information report (FIR) had already been registered and an investigation underway.

To which, the judge responded angrily, asking: "What kind of investigation is this where the CCPO is saying the victim is wrong? A lot of ministers issued distasteful statements," he added, wondering if it was "an investigation or a drama".

Justice Khan slammed the government, as well as Punjab's top brass, saying the "advisors and law ministers are going for photo ops whenever they get a chance".

"Is the law minister some investigation officer that he goes [to press conferences] so that his pictures are taken," he asked. "Later, they post those pictures on social media to show they're 'working'."

The judge sought the relevant committee's notification pertaining to investigation of the Lahore motorway gang-rape case, as well as the latest report on the incident. He also summoned CCPO Sheikh.

"What action has been taken on the CCPO's comments," he asked, to which the government's lawyer said the matter was "being investigated".

"Are you saying the CCPO's comments are being investigated," the judge asked, to which the lawyer responded: "No, the entire matter."

"There should have been strict action to reassure this nation's daughters," Justice Khan said, adding that everyone involved should be called to the court.

"We'll look into the matter then."