Since the day the lockdown has finished, the public has felt as though the pandemic has vanished from the world. There is no fear among the people as they say that the pandemic has sunk. They are of the opinion that it was just a drama scripted by government about the spread and existance of COVID-19.

Resultantly, people are not following any rules suggested by the government and health department earlier. The condition in rural areas is more alarming where people are less conscious about issues related to health and hygiene.

However, people have stoped and shun the habit of using senitizers, wearing masks and gloves. No social distancing is being maintained, nor are any of the SOPs being followed. During the past one month, the public get-togethers without precautions are seen at a greater frequency. Markets, hotels and roads are full of the oceans of people. This attitude might lead to disaster. The government should educate the masses and should charge penality from those who break the rules.

Stay home, be safe and follow rules.