LAHORE - In a dramatic turn in the Motorway gang-rape case, one of the suspects Waqar-ul-Hassan, on Sunday surrendered himself to the Lahore’s CIA police. Hassan denied his involvement stating that he was not involved in the horrific crime incident. 

A day earlier, the provincial authorities presented his name as one of the accused in the gruesome incident saying that they had reached the real culprits. Other primary suspect in the case, Abid Ali, is still at large. 

Provincial Police Chief Inam Ghani claimed in a news conference on Saturday that police had identified the two culprits through scientific evidence. He had also told the media that Hassan’s presence at the crime scene had been established by his cell phone data. 

As per details, Waqar-ul-Hassan turned up at the CIA office in Model Town Lahore after the police had raided his Sheikhupura residence earlier in the day. Pleading not guilty, Hassan told the police authorities that he was in Lahore at the time of the incident. He said he runs spare-parts shop and was in Lahore to purchase some auto parts on that day.  

Hassan also told the police investigators that his brother-in-law, Abbas, was using the cell phone SIM issued under his name. He said he had no link with the other accused Abid Ali but he did not rule out the possible connection between his brother-in-law and the primary accused in the rape case.  

DSP Hasnain Haider told reporters that Waqar had been taken into custody for further investigations. Police sources also confirmed that samples have been collected from the accused Hassan for DNA matching that will eventually establish the veracity of his statement.  

Also, the police on Sunday took into custody the father and two brothers of Abid Ali for interrogation. His daughter is already in police custody. While Abid Ali is stated to be a serial rapist with a crime history of raping women, Waqar-ul-Hassan, on the other hand, has no such previous record.

In a related development, a private TV channel quoting spokesperson of the Sheikhupura police reported on Sunday that Waqar-ul-Hassan had no criminal record except for a minor dispute with some people in the area which was settled afterwards.