LAHORE-Lahore’s club cricket organisers Sunday met PCB Director Domestic Nadeem Khan and manager domestic Junaid Zia, urging them to make the club constitution simple and applicable. 

The organizers, who met the PCB officials, include Javed Zaman, Khawaja Nadeem Ahmed, Azhar Zaidi, Imran Bucha, Mian Aslam, Sarfraz Ahmed, Aamir Ibrahim, Nawab Mansoor, Sardar Naushad, Shoaib Dar, Mohammad Islam, Malik Riaz, Muhammad Khurhid, Tahir Shah, Shahid Hamid Butt, Ejaz Butt and others. They apprised the PCB of their concerns regarding the modalities of the model constitution of clubs introduced by the board. They were of the view that the clauses of club constitution should be made simple and applicable while the complications should also be removed. 

The PCB made it mandatory for the clubs to follow the constitution to be part of the cricket family which raised anxiety among the cricket circle. During the meeting, the cricket organisers said that Pakistan is not like England or Australia, where societies and colonies have their own grounds and clubs are equipped with every facility. Here in Pakistan and particularly in Lahore, every ground has at least three to four clubs operating. There in England and Australia, players are paid by the clubs but here even it is difficult to collect money for a new ball and arranging necessary equipment for the youngsters. 

They also told the officials that clubs are actually helping hands of the PCB as they find, train and groom players, who later join the upper ranks but for the last two years, there has been no club cricket happening, which ultimately ruin the game. “Clubs are the real nurseries of cricket and by imposing constitutional obligations on them, the nursery will be destroyed which would ultimately lead to disaster of cricket at upper level,” they asserted. 

The club organisers also urged the PCB to allow more than one club to have practice at one net and pitch because there is dearth of grounds in Lahore as grounds like Minto Park and MAO College no more exist. The organisers also urged to waive off the clause that a club official should not be a government servant besides clauses of ground and gymnasium etc. Both the PCB officials heard the organisers with all patience and replied to all their queries.