On August 20, the lawmakers of PTI and PML-N entered a brawl in the parliament using abusive language against each other.

This started when one of the members of the PTI referred to the leader of the opposition as “thief”. Both parties went to a level that is not worthy of the parliament and it was disrespectful to the house and the nation. Our leaders are two sides of same coin and apparently, they are all the same.

However, they keep leveling charges against each other. Strangely, none of these accusations are either proven in courts or even made part of cases. It seems they are less interested in accountability and more interested in maligning each other to gain cheap popularity. It appears that our politicians neither care for the country nor for the people.

I have witnessed our leaders for the past 73 years. They never worked for true democracy or betterment of people. They are all only concerned with personal gains and popularity using cheap antics, which very frequently leads to uncivil altercations between them. Our lawmakers should be polite in their interpersonal behaviors to set a decent example for public. 

For now, the unruly behaviors seem to be precipitating to lower levels and entire nations seems to be on edge, completely polarized. Politicians need to realize that we are at a point where they must get their acts together and start working for the people to strengthen true democracy in Pakistan.