LONDON (AFP) - An unemployed Algerian chemist was jailed for nine years Tuesday for spraying a mixture of his own urine and faeces in shops and a pub last year, contaminating food and wine. Sahnoun Daifallah concealed the mixture in a 1.5 litre weedkiller container, carried inside a laptop bag modified to allow the nozzle poke out, in attacks in Tesco and Morrisons supermarkets last May. The 42-year-old, who the court heard fantasised about biological weapons, was also convicted of spraying the foul-smelling liquid over children's books at a branch of Waterstones, and a pub in Gloucestershire, western England. In all the attacks caused some 700,000 pounds (one million dollars, 790,000 euros) in damages and lost business, while police found stocks of the mixture and plans to spread the muck in other cities including Bristol and Birmingham. "Your actions showed a callous disregard for public safety and you caused considerable alarm and anxiety," said judge Carol Hagen after evidence showed that Daifallah fantasised about using biologic weapons to cause public alarm. "You caused substantial police and forensic involvement given that the nature of the substances were not known," she told Bristol Crown Court. Daifallah, who has a degree in industrial chemistry, was sentenced to nine years in jail, after being found guilty last month on four counts of contaminating food. He was also convicted of having an offensive weapon, namely a catapult with marbles, for which he received a 12 month jail term. Deportation proceedings have started.