Badla financing through brokerage houses benefits most to the stockbrokers, as they provide financing to others at an additional 6/7 percent rate of interest. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Chairman, Razi-ur-Rahman told Geo News in its 'Tezi Mandi program that Badla financing whether it was in-house or through stock market both ways benefits brokers. Razi-ur-Rahman further said that the brokers taking loans from the banks at 10/12 percent provide financing to investors at 18/20 percent. Eastern Capitals CEO, Samad Ladha talking to Geo News said that now when it has already been decided to do away CFS MK-II, in-houses Badla financers be discouraged and it should be stopped forthwith. He cautioned that efforts were once again been made to lure investors into trap, which need to be thwarted immediately.