LAHORE - The Islamabad high Court (IHC) has dismissed a private cellular companys appeal filed against the determination (decision) of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on outstanding dues of around Rs 400 million pending for the last four years. The Court has also dismissed the companys writ petition filed against the Mobile Cellular Policy 2004 of the Federal Government. According to a press release reached here on Tuesday, the PTA through its determination of March 4, 2008, directed the Pakcom (Instaphone) to pay its outstanding liabilities by May 21, 2008 and in case of its failure to abide by the said directions on or before the said date, it was further held that license shall stand terminated. The Instaphone challenged the aforementioned determination before the Islamabad High Court in an appeal. During pendency of the appeal, it also filed a writ petition challenging the Mobile Cellular Policy issued by the Federal Government in 2004 under which new licenses for cellular mobile services were awarded. Vide the judgment, both the appeal and the writ petition have been dismissed by the court and PTAs determination was upheld. However, the court has extended the date for making the outstanding payment by Instaphone to May 06, 2009.