Strongly refuting claims of Pakistan, Special Public Prosecutor in 26/11 terror attack case Ujjwal Nikam on Tuesday said the DNA samples of lone surviving gunman Mohammed Amir Ajmal Kasab and slain terrorist Mohammed Ismail were "totally different". Mr. Nikam was responding to reports in a section of media which quoted Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik saying at a press conference in Pakistan that the DNA samples of Kasab and Ismail, provided by India, had turned out to be the same. "DNA is biological fingerprint of an individual and no two persons anywhere in the world can have the same DNA profile except in case of biological twins," Mr. Nikam said. Kasab and Ismail are not twins and are also not biologically related to each other, he said. In every human body there are 46 chromosomes in each cell... 23 are inherited from mother and the other 23 from father. Therefore no two individuals in any part of the world can have the same DNA pattern, the prosecutor pointed out. The DNA samples of all the ten accused accused (Kasab and others who were gunned down by armed forces), taken by experts, had given totally different DNA patterns, Mr. Nikam said.