IT must have been an excessive paranoia of the British Police, which arrested several Pakistani students thought to be planning a terrorist attack in the UK. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown commented that the police was dealing with a big terrorist plot and criticised Pakistan for not doing enough to fight terror. However, the case took a new turn altogether when no evidence linking the students to an alleged terror plot could be found. Unfortunately, instead of letting them off the hook or making some kind of an apology, the law enforcement authorities have decided to deport them to Pakistan, which will be an injustice not only to the students but their families, which had paid sizeable amounts of money to bear the cost of their education. The incident moreover illustrates the dangers posed by racial profiling in the UK, and the vulnerabilities of Pakistanis there, who are frequently subjected to systematic discrimination at airports, hotels and other public places. This will send a strong message to Pakistanis who will be compelled to raise questions over the system of justice in the UK. It would also undermine the moral high ground on which British society is built.