LAHORE-The mystery about who locked Punjab Assembly building on February 26, following imposition of Governors rule in the province, has now been resolved, as the inquiry officer has submitted his report to the Speaker, holding former secretary assembly responsible for shutting assembly doors on legislators. Earlier, it became a mystery for the Speaker and other legislators as to who ordered locking of the premises when assembly was going to resume its session on the second day. This was done without seeking permission of the Speaker, who is supposed to be custodian of the building. Immediately after imposition of Governors rule in Punjab, Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal had convened an emergency session of Punjab Assembly at 8 pm on February 25 on the requisition of 122 members belonging to PML-N. On the first day, the assembly adopted a resolution condemning imposition of Governors rule, and the Speaker adjourned the sitting for next day. But to his utter surprise, the Speaker found assembly doors locked from inside when he reached there to chair the session the following day. He tried to contact the then Secretary Assembly Maqsood Malik to know the reason behind closure of the assembly building, but the latter expressed his ignorance about the matter. Other members also reached outside assembly, but the doors were shut and no body was ready to take the responsibility. A few members of assemblys security staff present at the main entrance then told Speaker that doors had been locked from inside and they could do nothing to open them. Finding no other way out, the Speaker decided to hold assembly sitting in front of assembly premises. The speaker continued to chair the session outside assembly for a week or so, and it was only after PM Gilanis intervention that members were allowed to hold the session in assembly hall. The Speaker had ordered inquiry into the incident. Talking to The Nation on Monday, Special Secretary Punjab Assembly, Aftab Maqbool Joya, who was inquiry officer in the case, confirmed that he had submitted the report with the Speaker. He declined to divulge any further details of his findings, saying that he was bound under the rules not to disclose anything in this regard. He said it was up to the Speaker to take appropriate action. Punjab Assembly sources, however, told The Nation that the then Secretary Assembly Maqsood Ahmad Malik has been held responsible for locking of assembly doors on February 26. The sources further disclosed that inquiry officer recorded statements of assemblys chief security officer, PSO to Speaker and estate officer, and the three were unanimous that Secretary Assembly had ordered locking of assembly premises. In the light of statements by these officers, the inquiry officer has laid the responsibility on Mr Malik, the sources further told this scribe. Meanwhile, it has been learnt reliably that after one meeting of assembly on February 25, the then Secretary Assembly Maqsood Malik was summoned in Governors House, where he was given a dressing down for accepting requisition for the assembly session when Governors rule was in force. To compensate for his 'offence, he was asked to keep assembly doors shut for the assembly members the next day to prevent them from holding the session inside assembly. The sources said that secretary assembly was then virtually between the devil and the deep see as he was to choose between his immediate boss, the Speaker, and his superior boss, the Governor, who with his newly acquired powers of chief executive, was not ready to listen No from any body at that time. Finally, Maqsood Malik, perhaps took a difficult decision of his life and decided to obey the Governor. Now, he is facing disciplinary action at the hands of Speaker who is likely to take appropriate action on his return from Saudi Arabia on April 17.