ISLAMABAD - The overflowed waste bins installed at different public points and residential areas of the twin cities present a true picture of reluctance and negligence of concerned departments to resolve the problem. The authorities have installed huge dustbins at various points of Rawalpindi and Islamabad cities, where citizens throw their litters, but still these bins are not sufficient to cater to the needs of residents. On the other side, if citizen have facility of waste bins at their areas, they are seen to be careless and often thrown garbage outside the bins, which are already rarely cleaned by the civil bodies. Moreover, scavenger kids compound the problem and scatter waste in search of recyclable items that also resulted in scattered rubbish comely seen everywhere including streets, Parks, Markets, residential areas and playgrounds. The scenes of scattered rubbish are usually seen in areas of Rawalpindi including Sohan, Faizabad, Dhoke Kala Khan, Azhar Town, Awan Town, Iqbal Town and in Capital heaps of garbage are even present in the low class areas such as G and I sectors, and in and around the weekly bazaars and commercial areas particularly I-9 Markaz, Aabpara Market, I-10 and G-10 Markaz. Consequently, improper collection and disposal of solid waste system has become a major problem of sister city that is not only posing serious threat to both human health and environment, but also undermining the beauty of sister cities. Residents often complained that the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the civic body that is responsible for maintenance of the city, always gave more importance to posh areas, especially inhabitant of Metropolitan were of the view that the routes that are in regular use of the prime minister and president and other important personalities have always given more importance than other areas. They also opined that instead of adopting idea of landfill sites for dumping the municipal solid waste, which are not designed properly and caused spread of respiratory diseases for localities living near these sites.Independent analyses are too worried due enormous increase in the quantum and diversity of waste materials and its harmful effects on the general environment and public health saying that managing garbage disposal in an efficient manner is the need of the hour. It is to be mentioned here that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had finally decided to solve the ever-increasing volume of municipal waste by landfill in groundwater recharge area. The site selected for the landfill project is at Kuri, situated at hardly five kilometres from sector G-5, known as the nucleus of Islamabad.