LAHORE - The River Ravi that once was the popular spot for picnickers. The beautiful mustard fields, the panoramic views of hills upcountry and the spectacular beauty of landscapes of our countryside all come to life on the canvas by the contemporary masters in the exhibition due to open this Thursday at the Royaat Gallery in DHA. The exhibition featuring works of 17 artists will continue till April 30. The artists participating in the exhibition are Mian Ijazul Hassan Mussarat Husan, Rahat Naveed Masud, Ghulam Mustafa, Zulqarnain Haider, Kaleem Khan, Raja Changez Sultan, Iqbal Hussain, Khalid Mehmood, Nazir Ahmad, Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi, Zafarullah, Shehla Farooq, Mughees Riaz, Najamul Hassan Pirzada, Muhammad Arshad, Kakul Kureshi and Faryal Latif, who is the director of the gallery and also is the curator of the show. The exhibition presents the highest standards in artistic expression and installation and is a rare treat for art lovers. It celebrates the different serene moods of nature. Rather the exhibition if viewed on the whole celebrates the spring, which seems to be in the air in most of the artworks being showcased. The exhibition aims at facilitating transfer of ideas between the contemporary masters and the emerging talent. It provides visual and intellectual evidence of Pakistans creative potential, creating a link between artists, domestic and international markets, Faryal Latif said while talking to The Nation on Tuesday. Identification with local landscape is source of inspiration for contemporary artists. The Pakistani landscapes provide a rich palate comprising of spectacular mountains, lush river valleys and stark deserts. For example Kaleem Khan, a Balochi painter depicts desolate, mountainous landscapes with isolated dwellings. His depiction of this vast landscape, however, is from a first-person point of view humanising the desolate scenery. M Arshad, from the plains region, depicts fresh green meadows and idyllic pastoral settings, she explained while explaining the idea of holding such exhibitions. Latif, who was once a collector before starting Royaat, has grown into a good artist. She is displaying her two artworks for the first time in the current exhibition. She has painted the Swiss landscape beautifully using attractive rich and sharp colours. She has depicted the scene of Swiss landscape from a chateau near Geneva that she recently visited. Each artist participating in the exhibition has provided new artworks for display in the exhibition. The contemporary masters Mian Ijazul Hassan, Ghulam Mustafa, Raja Changez, Zulqa-rnain Haider and others have presented remarkable artworks that will mesmerise the art lovers.