ISLAMABAD - Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira Tuesday said that Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR) had been promulgated in Malakand Division with the backing of millions of Pakistanis and hoped that the system would deliver cheap and speedy justice to the dwellers of the region. We will not let Swat fall in the hands of Mullahs and it is also not justified to target the said regulation as its similar system is already working in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, he further said while talking to media after presiding over a meeting of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation. He said that no law repugnant to Islam could be formulated in the country as it was against the principles laid down in the Constitution and told the media that District and Sessions Judges would perform the duties of Qazi under NAR. Responding to a query, he said that after the passage of NAR resolution by the National Assembly, the government had fulfilled its commitment to promulgate the Sharia Law. Hoping that the promulgation of NAR would help establishing peace in Swat, the Minister said that it was now for the people of Swat to guarantee peace in the area as the government had done its part under the accord. He said that situation in Buner was under control and it would improve further in a few days. When asked about foreign hand in exploiting the situation in the NWFP and Balochistan, the articulate Minister said that investigation into the acts of terrorism was underway and it would determine the facts and added that before pointing accusing fingers towards others 'we should set our own house in order. It has been resolved during the meeting with office-bearers of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation that PBC would work out its code of conduct on its own, he stated adding that the government was fully committed to the freedom of press and no one was being blackmailed. He said that the government was evolving comprehensive plan for journalists training. To safeguard the interests of the working journalists is our primal duty and we are much concerned over the issue of journalists recent sacking, he maintained. Responding to a question, the Minister said that the information about secret funds with reference to media would be presented before the Public Accounts Committee. Kaira said that the government would always welcome watch-dog role of media but 'it should focus its attention on national interests and threats confronting the country and formulate its code of conduct according to it by itself. He said that apart from human casualties the terrorism was inflicting heavy losses on national economy and it was the duty of the media to sensitize the people that it was war for the survival of Pakistan. He said terrorists had no religion and they just wanted to destabilize the country and every section of the society should get united to foil their designs. He said that the government had told media-houses owners that it was ready to help resolve their financial problems so that they could solve the problems of the working journalists.