NEW DELHI (Agencies) - Indian Prime Minister and his Minister for External Affair gave conflicting statements on Tuesday after Pakistan sought more information on Mumbai attacks. Manmohan Singh slammed Islamabad for claiming that the evidence provided was not sufficient, saying Pakistan should act as 'enough information has been given. He said Islamabad was indulging in 'delaying and 'diversionary tactics, which put a 'question mark on its sincerity and intent. We have given enough information for them to act and it is for them to act, Singh told reporters on the sidelines of the civil investiture ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday when asked to comment on Pakistans contention that the information provided by India was insufficient and it should be given more details to enable it to take the probe forward. Reacting to the same question, Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram rubbished Pakistans contention and said if their agencies could not carry out the investigations, it should allow the American agency FBI to do so. On the other hand, Indian Minister for External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee expressed Indias willingness to provide more information to Pakistan on Mumbai attacks. He also said Islamabad should not delay investigations on the pretext of clarifications. I have just had a discussion with our Foreign Secretary. We have received the papers (from Pakistan). We are examining them and if there be further information necessary, we will give them the further information, he told newsmen in Jangipur, West Bengal. The important issue, however, was for Pakistan to have the intention to resolve the matter and penalise the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks, he said. The matter should not be delayed on this or that issue, or on this or that clarification. We are prepared to give them any information that they want, provided we have the information, Mukherjee said.