LAHORE - Federal Minister for Science and Technology Azam Khan Swati on Tuesday asserted that the NATO forces and US troops should be kicked out from the region as early as possible because they are a major threat to Pakistan. Swati said the US wanted to see India as the most powerful country in this region ,therefore, the US-led NATO forces must be thrown out from the area. The Minister was talking to reporters after addressing businessmen and industrialists here at the zonal office of the FPCCI. According to him, the foreign enemies are trying to destabilise Pakistan and creating lawlessness in a bid to destroy peace in Swat and FATA. He warned against pledging the country to US for the sake of $1.5 billion aid. The Minister condemned the role of some foreign countries with respect to damaging image of national institutions working for Pakistans security. Earlier, addressing the members of FPCCI, he said the govt has planned to bring energy revolution by using solar resources to overcome power shortage. Zonal Chairman FPCCI Mian Idrees, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, Iftikhar Malik and a number of other leading businessmen and industrialists were also present on the occasion. The Minister said the country was facing critical shortage of energy and his Ministry has taken the responsibility for working on it to bring a positive change. He said the services of an eminent engineer working in solar energy have been hired to work on an ambitious plan aimed at tapping the maximum potential of solar energy in a short span of time. Swati, while quoting his own life example of becoming a billionaire from pennyless person, stressed that bringing the country out of challenges is quite possible. He sought the help of the industrialists for getting workable plans to modernise science and technology sector in the country and assured them that he would fully patronise all efforts in the larger national interest. Value addition should be main focus of the industrialists in the country, which is the only way ahead to get economic boost, he said. He also assured that he would not allow inefficiency and corruption to take roots in the departments working under his Ministry. Quoting example of poor performance of PCSIR labs in Karachi, which are earning Rs 40 million while the amount given to its employees as salary stood at Rs 750m, he said that such departments needed to be overhauled. According to him, he has no political compulsion and that he is working for the cause of the country without fear and favour. Responding to a question, he said the people would start getting benefits of his revolutionary plans in science and technology within 6 months.