ISLAMABAD - The Communist Party of Pakistan in its petition Wednesday challenged and sought interpretation of Article 248 of the Constitution from the Supreme Court. Engineer Jameel Ahmad, the petitioner, in his 20 law points constitutional petition, held that Babar Awan, Minister for Law and Justice, is saying that President Asif Zardari under Article 248 has a free licence to do any thing he likes and no court can summon him and opening of the Swiss cases would be at his dead body. He requested the apex court to direct the National Accountability Courts for immediate trial of all the corruption cases against President Zardari, as he does not have any immunity on corruption cases in Pakistan and abroad. He criticised PML-N in his petition, saying that it assisted to amend 102 Articles recently but compromised on Article 248 with PPP and President Zardari. All the political parties did not even touch a comma or full stop of Article 248. In the petition moved to SC, it was mentioned that in China there was no immunity for President or any other person. He further held that according to Islam not even Caliphs or any rulers or persons have immunity and protection as now allowed to certain extents in Article 248 of the Constitution.