Anyone notorious for corruption or wrongdoing can become the Advisor of our Prime Minister. This is what we Pakistanis learnt from the recent instance of Mr Jamshed Dastis appointment. Mr Dasti of the fake degree fame had taken the right step by resigning from the Parliament after fracas on the issue but Prime Minister coolly took the controversy in his stride and actually chose to reward that crime by giving him the post of Adviser to PM with a rank of cabinet minister. After this great largesse, the even more kindhearted President decided the only way he could upstage his Prime Minister was to give Mr Dasti a party ticket for a bye-election contest. We know that the condition of graduate degree for eligibility for becoming an MNA/MPA has been lifted by the Supreme Court. But a person who has been proved to be involved in an unseemly practice, moral turpitude in legal parlance, can the ruling party support him in becoming a parliamentarian again? Is this the right way to show Parliaments supremacy and does it behove its grace? Earlier, Mr Latif Khosa (who was accused of bribery and financial bunglings) had been the Attorney General but didnt get hot under the collar at these accusation till the very last when he was forced to resign. There have also been accusations that federal Minister for Law Babar Awans PhD degree is fake too. Allegations of his financial corruptions have also been discussed in the media but none of these gentlemen seem to care. Democracy, says PPP, is the best revenge. Indeed, it is if one is also living well due to democracy. -ERUM AHMED, Karachi, April 14.