BAHAWALPUR The Exercise Azm-e-Nau-3 continued with professional zeal and commitment here on Wednesday. The exercise started on April 9, 2010 and will be continued till April 19, 2010. The Blue land forces have launched counter offensive to exploit imbalance in Fox land forces structure and available vacuum on enemy side, after absorbing and conditioning of Fox land. Blue Land offensive was unfolded exactly as planned as per the thought-out and deliberate strategy. Fox land forces have started abandoning position against determined Blue Land forces. Blue land is using all available forces multipliers to thwart enemy designs and offensive. It is pertinent to mention here that Army is rapidly transforming itself towards a network-enabled army. Sufficient benchmarks have already been achieved and the manifestation of this capability has been projected in the on-going exercise. In the given realm, the field commanders up to the lowest tiers will have transparency of the battlefield through a meaningful employment of intelligence, surveillance, aerial imageries and early warnings. The real time availability of information about enemy will not only offset the chance of surprise against any proactive manoeuvres by enemy but it will also greatly impact on the decision loop of commanders at all levels.