ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) through its regional office at Karachi raided an illegal earth station established at Regal Chowk, Saddar Karachi on Wednesday. TNN (Television News Network) was offering up-link facilities to various private broadcast stations without obtaining permission from the Authority. PEMRA enforcement team raided illegal set-up established by TNN, seized its operations and confiscated all the equipment being used for such illegal practices. Moreover, PEMRA initiated legal action against the management of TNN for contravening Section 31 of PEMRA Amendment Act 2007. It is pertinent to mention here that PEMRA is mandated to take cognisance of any illegal activity carried for offering any broadcast/distribution service in the country. Further to aforementioned pursuits, during routine enforcement activities in NWFP, PEMRA enforcement team seized five illegal FM radio stations in Swabi, Kadozani, Mardan and Akora Khattak. The Authority also confiscated all equipment used in operations of these illegal FM radio stations and seized their transmission. Appreciating the crackdown of PEMRA on establishments exceeding their mandate the civil society members have expressed their concern over the blatant violation of the PEMRA statutes by cable operators and airing Indian channels like Star Plus and Sonny. They demanded action against all those who were showing Indian channels in violation of PEMRA rules. At the same time they have asked the PEMRA officials to take notice in the abnormal serge in the sale of dish antennas, as the viewers of foreign channels, which were banned by PEMRA were shifting to the other mode of watching such channels. They said that in case the authorities concerned show laxity it would not only make mockery of the PEMRA statutes but would also cause huge loss to national exchequer in shape of revenue shortfall.