WASHINGTON Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that invitation to first Nuclear Security Summit is a practical proof of a 'great legitimacy of Pakistans nuclear programme as the US President Barack Hussain Obama has unequivocally expressed confidence in its security and safety. Addressing a concluding press conference after the end of the Summit, the PM while answering the question what Pakistan gained out of it said, Invitation and participation, in the first place, in this Summit itself is a great legitimacy for Pakistans nuclear programme. He was of the view that not only the visit remained successful in the bilateral context but also Pakistan gained its objective of legitimate recognition as responsible nuclear state. When asked about formal recognition as legitimate nuclear state, he said, It needs patience. During a number of informal interactions with President Obama during the conference, the Prime Minister said that 'we have convinced him about nuclear security action plan. Explaining about the issue of fuel recycling, the Prime Minister aided by Pakistans chief negotiator Masood Khan said that last meeting of the National Command Authority had proposed a fuel bank including those countries that have capacity to recycle fuel. Regarding handshake and informal interaction with the Indian Prime Minister, Premier Gilani said, He was aware of Pakistans role that was extremely important. And entire world is considering Pakistans position working for the global peace. Therefore, friends of Pakistan are trying to normalise relations between India and Pakistan so that Islamabad should focus totally on terrorism. There was not even a single negative thing during my informal meeting with Indian Prime Minister that was in cordial atmosphere and he appeared with an open mind, Gilani said answering another question. Still he was unable to say anything about a 'purposeful or formal meeting with his Indian counterpart at the forthcoming SAARC Summit. The Prime Minister told the journalists that he twice held very exclusive meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao and there was no mention of sanctions against Iran or anything of the sort. Answering questions about the timeframe of strategic cooperation with US beyond security the Prime Minister said, Our top priority is electricity, and the US has already committed to help us upgrade our existing structure. The US, he added, has also ensured Pakistan to support for market access during the next Pakistan-European Union Summit in Brussels. President Obama has also promised to expedite ROZS. Agencies add: Prime Minister said no country articulated concern over Pakistan's nuclear arsenal at the Nuclear Security Summit Pakistan would take decision on countrys nuclear programme itself, Gilani said and added We do not need dictation from anyone on our nuclear programme. On the other hand, Gilani separately met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chairman US Foreign Affairs Committee Senator John Kerry and a delegation of International Monetary Fund (IMF). During the meeting with Hillary Clinton, issues relating to Pak-US Strategic Dialogue, energy crisis in Pakistan, war against terrorism and regional situation were discussed. Hillary assured her countrys assistance to overcome energy needs of Pakistan.