Pakistan Army has been forced into a war by the US, albeit through our civilian government, against an internal enemy that is hard to find among ourselves. It has the same ethnicity and culture, only a different view of life. So despite its earnest efforts, the Army is attracting nothing but aversion from both within and without. Criticism from within speaks of the need to purge but it is misguided in the sense that it also tends to legitimize the accusations made by the foreign powers. That is a blow to the prestige of the Army who has done whatever had been ordered by the government and has even taken dictates from the US. A so-called humanitarian group from America has provided to the US administration, what is obviously false and concocted information, blaming the Pakistan Army for carrying out extra-judicial killings in Swat. Based on that information, the Obama administration has raised the matter with Islamabad. Although Pakistan has been a victim of similar grossly over-blown allegations in the past but this one, coming so soon after the strategic dialogue, is nothing if not a slap for all those among us who had harboured any soft corner for US 'humanitarianism. Here is a question I would like to ask this Human Rights Commission; why cant they present any statistics on the US administered drone attacks? Have they monitored the killings in massive numbers of innocent people through drone hits whose 'credit belongs entirely to the US and US alone? And I wonder whether this administration would ever take its own administration to task for its part in that ongoing 'murder spree for free of the century, this thing they call the war on terror. History is our greatest mentor as it differentiates for us between our friends and foe. We need to recognise the foe if we are to liberate ourselves and acquire the dignity that no external power should dare point a finger at us or the guardians of our state. -LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, April 14.