I am one of the great admirers of Pakistani TV drama. Pakistani drama and its unique themes have always been a matter of pride for Pakistanis all over the world and especially watched avidly in our neighboring countries. PTV has played a vital role to nourish and nurture the Pakistani drama industry. At present, there is an entire rainbow of Pakistani entertainment channels and I would say that they deserve to be appreciated for their work and efforts to promote drama. But despite their outstanding work, there is one flaw that I would point out here. The Islamic values in our tele-dramas are slowly and gradually disappearing. I hardly find anyone offering prayers or wearing a dopatta. I dont say that they should all cover their faces with veils or wear abayas, but there should at least be a glimpse of the Islamic country that we are in our plays. The malaise that has hit us is our fashion industry that has flourished leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades and now its all in the hands of our fashion designers to tell us what to wear and what not. They decide the 'ins and 'outs of the fashion. It was the fashion that led us to wear short-shirts and high shalwar or caprice-trousers with revealing long or short slits. Now, the fashion has taken a U-turn and we have cue-lots, bell-bottoms, full-sleeves and long-shirts. You might think I am a Taliban asking people to live my way or not at all but all I say is that since our television drama doesnt have a plot, story, script, direction or anything, it might as well have something. -SAADIA JAVED, Karachi, April 14.