LAHORE In a bid to interfere in Pakistans territorial limits on the pretext of safeguarding American 'interests in the region, the United States is all set to establish a parallel ministry of border and tribes in Afghanistan, which would undertake dubious operations on both sides of the border. Well-placed sources in Kabul while quoting a top Afghan official revealed The establishment of such a ministry in Afghanistan by the US is on the cards to support their operations on both sides of the border. A top Afghan official serving in Kabul, when contacted, confirmed the development, maintaining that the personnel for this purpose would be picked up from various other departments. The personnel for this ministry will be imparted short-term training in intelligence operations. This new ministry will reportedly work in close coordination with tribal elders on either side of Pak-Afghan border, the Afghan official said, requesting anonymity, as he was not authorised to speak on the development. At a time when Washington is adopting discriminatory policy regarding the civil nuclear technology in South Asia, the establishment of this ministry might shake the confidence and trust of Pakistan, otherwise a close ally of the United States and playing frontline role in war on terror, an analyst said. The United States is likely to arrange huge funding for this purpose and funds would also be made available to various other projects. The new ministry, likely to work under direct control of US officials, would closely monitor activities along the Pak-Afghan border, the sources maintained. According to the observers and experts, this mischievous move on part of US officials would undermine any hope of Pakistan to seal or fence the porous border. It also indicates trust deficit on part of US despite the sacrifices Pakistan has made during the so-called war on terror, an independent political expert based in Kabul, commented. The political expert was of the candid view that US must not indulge in creating such establishments as it would further complicate running of the government machinery. According to him, US should help Afghanistan address numerous problem areas in the existing set-up for better results. Political experts believe that the planned establishment of this ministry / secretariat of tribes and border affairs, to be funded by US, is being considered a dangerous option in the region. This requires clarification on part of US officials in Afghanistan and Washington as well because this arrangement can give rise to host of misgivings about the project and can affect the US-Pakistan relations, already going through a very tense phase, experts added.