LAHORE (PPI) - Punjab National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony (PNCIH) Media Coordinator Rana Abdul Mannan Tahir has urged the government to take strict action against the private institutions and schools atrocities, which are charging extra fees from the parents of the children. He stated that the parents complained that private schools are collecting fee of four months summer vacations, in advance, amounting to Rs 50,000, which is unaffordable for them. He said that many people have set up schools there taking it as a lucrative business to earn easy money. These public schools are following their own laws without any fear and fleecing the public by charging heavy fee from the students. He said that the opportunists are thus busy in exploiting this basic urge of the parents and have opened schools almost in all the localities of the City. But dozens of these schools have their own agendas and are minting money on the pretext of imparting education through different tactics. He said that there is a laid-down criteria for the registration of primary, middle and high schools prescribed by the Education Department and Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) but mostly it is not followed in true spirit. After registration, the concerned authorities have no time to check any public school and when the school owner applies for yearly renewal of registration he gets it automatically without any inspection. These schools are being usually run by non-professional and unqualified people who loot the poor in the name of providing education to their children. Most of the private schools indulge in other activities also to make money. They force their students to use only those books, copies and stationery items provided by the management of the school. Few schools have also started charging huge amount in the name of providing security to the students. He said that the classrooms also lack proper facilities and the students have to sit on broken desks. There are no fans in summer and no heating arrangement for winter, he added.