KARACHI - The House Committee on Law of Sindh Wednesday discussed a number of suggestions to increase the salaries and other allowances of Provincial legislators. The bill will be tabled in Sindh Assembly during the session which is starting today (Thursday). The House Committee which met with MPA Syed Bachal Shah in chair also discussed the comparison of the salaries and other allowances being paid to the legislators of the other provinces. Taking into the consideration the fact of rising inflation and increase in cost of living, it was decided to revise the salaries and other emoluments of the Provincial Ministers, Advisors, MPAs, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly, chairman Standing Committee for Law department Syed Bachal Shah told The Nation. Besides members of the committee, the Law Minister Muhammad Ayaz Soomro and MQMs parliamentary leader Syed Sardar also attended the meeting and gave their input regarding proposed increase in the salaries of legislators. Shah said that some members suggested 100pc increase in the salaries of the lawmakers as they are in direct contact with the masses and serving the people of the province. Arguing in favour to increase their salaries, he said that a significant increase was made in the salaries of judiciary and prosecutor generals, so why not the legislators? However, the federal government has decided to increase their employees salary, in which grade one employees will get not less than 12000 rupees, while grade 18 employees salary to reach at 86,000 per month, he said adding that the legislators salary was much less than proposed by the federal government for their employees. He pointed out that the salaries of lawmakers of other provinces were much above than of Sindhs, but the Committee would work out a reasonable formula to increase their salaries. The Legislators are serving the nation, and they are available for the common people to redress their problems, but the current salary and allowances are much less than the rising inflation and cost of living, Bachal Shah claimed. He continued that provincial legislators are getting honorarium and allowances not more than 40,000 rupees per month. He said that though the committee members suggested 80 to 100 per cent increase, but keeping in view of financial crunch and restricted resources of Sindh, the Finance Department only proposed 40 per cent increase in the salaries of the Ministers, Advisors and MPAs. He added that a joint bill to increase salaries of Speaker of Sindh, Deputy Speaker, Ministers, Advisors and MPAs will hopefully be tabled during this session of Sindh Assembly which to be started from today (Thursday). The Law Ministers Ayaz Soomro also shared the details of meeting. Meanwhile, the MQM minister Syed Sardar Ahmed in his proposal suggested 71 per cent increase in the salaries and other allowances of the MPAs of Sindh Assembly. According to details available with The Nation, the MQM parliamentary leader also proposed that salaries and allowances of the MPAs be increased to Rs70,500 per month (for each MPA). However, Sardar Ahmed suggested that salaries and allowances of the provincial ministers be increased to rupees 99,600 per month from rupees 78,000 per month, while salaries and allowances of the provincial advisors be icneased to rupees 66,300 per month from rupees 47,000 per month. However, Mrs. Nusrat Sehar Abbasi who represents PML-F in Law Committee told The Nation that her party had opposed the proposed increase in the salaries and allowances of the ministers, advisors and legislators. She said that she had suggested that instead of increasing salaries of the ministers and MPAs, it must be spent to provide relief to the people The Law Committee also discussed the amendments in the Tenancy Act 1950 aimed to protect the rights of the farmers.