SEOUL (AFP) - South Koreas jobless rate declined for a second consecutive month in March in a further sign that Asias fourth largest economy is recovering from the global slump, data showed Wednesday. The unemployment rate stood at 4.1 percent last month, compared with 4.9 percent in February and five percent in January, Statistics Korea said. On a seasonally-adjusted basis, the rate also fell to 3.8 percent in March from 4.4 percent in February and 4.8 percent in January, the state agency said. The number of people with jobs totalled 23.37 million in March, up 267,000 from a year earlier, in the sharpest growth in 27 months, the agency said. The number of jobless people remained slightly over one million in March after it rose to 1.21 million in January from 834,000 in December. Thanks to strengthening fundamentals for the economic recovery, the job market is showing signs of improving gradually, Statistics Korea said in a statement. It said the governments efforts to create jobs in the public sector were leading the job market to improve in recent months. Private businesses were still sluggish in hiring new employees despite the faster-than-expected economic recovery, it said.