DUBAI (UAE) While a Chicago-based Indian businessman Feroze Jalal claimed to have been framed by Ayesha Siddiqui in the same way she 'framed Shoaib Malik, the girls ex-employer-Hala International School, formerly known as the school of little stars in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has refused to identify their employee as Ayesha. Speaking exclusively to this scribe, the schools vice principal and director operations Nidal Khan and the head mistress Shehnaz Khot said, She was never known to be Ayesha in our school. She was Maha Siddiqui to all of us. She worked in this school for 12 years (1992-2004) and went back to India without resigning and never returned. During her association with the school, she was very popular among pupils. She was a teacher, head mistress and reached up to vice principal post, said Khan. We thought she was marrying and therefore was not willing to return from her vacation in India. We also heard that her fathers service here with airlines was also coming to an end and therefore the family didnt return to this country. What we have heard about her affairs with Shoaib Malik was very sad. The name of both countries - Pakistan and India - have been smeared with this incident-let aside whoever is ignorant in this episode, they said. She was fond of travelling abroad a lot. She travelled to USA, Canada and UAE during vacations. And yes, she was not a slim girl as Malik claims but a little plum, added Khan.