LAHORE (PR) - The School of Leadership (SoL) is a prestigious interactive institution that works for enhancing the capabilities and potential of youth. SoL is organizing a Young Leaders Conference (YLC) between 1st and 6th July, 2010. Preparations for this 9th annual conference are in full swing. Young participants aged 18 to 24 will participate in the conference from Pakistan and abroad. The Young Leaders Conference is held every year for youth to enhance their capabilities and inherent talents to make them more productive. This year, the theme of the conference is;Suno Ke Mein Hun JAWAN. During the six days of YLC, participants develop new contacts, set goals for themselves and rise to accomplish challenging goals in life. The Champion and facilitator of YLC-2010, Ms. Rabia Salam stated, YLC facilitates youth to step out from confusion and harness their hidden potential that enables them to make more robust contributions to the world. This conference empowers youth to become young leaders through greater responsibility, discipline, vision, creativity and commitment.