LAHORE The All Pakistan CNG Association called off the ongoing strike on Thursday, which as per sources was announced after the SNGPL authorities directly conveyed to cut the supply of gas to the CNG stations involved in the protest. SNGPL had considered to divert the gas to the industrial sector if the Association remained inflexible, the sources claimed. Owing to the strict warning of SNGPL that the CNG supply would be permanently curtailed to the stations involved in strike, the majority of gas filling stations resumed their sale as partial strike had been observed across the province. The CNG stations in Lahore, Gujranwala and Multan regions would remain open on Friday (today). All Pakistan CNG Association Supreme Council Chairman Ghayas Piracha claimed that 99 per cent CNG stations remained closed on Thursday from Sadiqabad to Attock. 'Out of total 2,267 CNG stations in the province, owners of 2,250 closed their business against unjustified gas distribution policy of SNGPL, he said. It was worth mentioning here that in Faisalabad, Bahawalpur and Islamabad regions, the CNG stations would remain closed following the load management plan of the SNGPL. The CNG Association also organised a protest rally from LCCI to Governors House on Mall Road. They blocked the traffic for about an hour. The protest was attended by large number of CNG pump owners and workers. In absence of normal public transport, LPG-fuelled tri-wheelers were seen busy on City roads. According to the SNGPL statement, the negotiations were held between officials of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources and representatives of All Pakistan CNG Association over two days weekly off for gas filling stations. The strike by All Pakistan CNG Associations is without reason under the present circumstances, leading to inconvenience and disturbance to general public especially for low income commuters who have been deprived of low cost fuel, the SNGPL stated. The SNGPL is facing huge gap between demand and supply due to reduction of supplies from major gas fields supplying gas to SNGPLs network on account of depletion of gas fields in southern part and sabotage activities in Northern Areas. SNGPL is exerting its all out efforts to meet the gas demand of its valued consumers but due to shortfall of inputs from indigenous gas sources SNGPL is constrained to exercise load management, the company added. Israr Ahmed from Rawalpindi adds:?The All Pakistan CNG Association and some owners of petrol pumps continued their strike in the City on Thursday, deepening the miseries of the commuters. Meanwhile, a number of CNG station owners were filling the tanks of vehicles during midnight. A large number of vehicle owners were stranded in queue the whole night to get fuel. During the day, some government owned petrol pumps remained open at Adyala Road, Tulsa, Dheri Hassan Abad, Bakra Mandi, 22 Number, alongwith Benazir Bhutto Road, Sadiqabad, Rawal Road and Rawat while long queues of vehicles could be witnessed outside these pumps for filling the fuel tanks of their vehicles. Hundreds of passengers including students, office workers, travel daily between twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and were seen waiting for the private public transport at various bus stands as the transporters did not ply their vehicles on the road due to non-availability of gas.