ISLAMABAD - As many as 957 persons became victim of the US drone attacks while 12,580 were murdered, 581 were kidnapped for ransom and 16,977 cases of abduction were reported in Pakistan during the year 2010, says a report on 'State of Human Rights in 2010. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) launched the report on Thursday during a ceremony held in a local hotel. Dr Mehdi Hasan, Chairman HRCP, and I.A. Rehman, Secretary General of the Commission, were also present on the occasion besides many others. The report depicting the countrys bad law and order situation says that 957 people became victims of US drones strikes during 2010 and what the report called extra-legal killings. It says that 1,159 people were killed in 67 suicide attacks during 2010 and the fatalities included 1,041 civilians while 2,542 people were killed and 5,062 injured in terrorist attacks. Violence, political and otherwise, led to the death of over 750 people in target killings in Karachi alone, says the report. At least 237 political activists and 301 other civilians were killed in target killings in Karachi while 81 people were killed in Lyari gang wars. In addition to that, 118 people were killed and 40 injured in 117 target killings in Balochistan besides bodies of 59 missing persons were found in the province. According to the report, 34 new cases of enforced disappearance were reported to HRCP during 2010. The report describes that 99 Ahmedis were killed in faith-based violence and at least 64 people were charged under the blasphemy law, including Aasia Bibi, a Christian farmhand. 418 people were killed in violence against various Muslim sects while another 963 were injured during the previous year, it adds. The HRCP report says that 338 people were killed in police encounters throughout the country and only 28 suspects were injured and captured alive while 174 people were rescued from illegal police detention. There were 37,088 cases of vehicles theft or snatching reported during the previous year while police recovered 60,884 illegal weapons, says the report of HRCP. The 'administration of justice part of the report says that the government and the SC remained on a collision course for a better part of the year and frequent invocation of the suo motu jurisdiction once again raised the question whether this was the only way to ensure proper governance. The report in its part of 'jails and prisoners says that there is total number of around 8,000 death penalty convicts in the country with nearly 6,000 in Punjab alone. The authorized capacity of the countrys 91 prisons was 42,617 persons but 75,586 prisoners were detained there. The number of prisoners at 55 prisons was in excess of sanctioned capacity. Around 7,000 Pakistanis remained jailed in different countries and 356 people were sentenced to death, including seven women and one juvenile. Around, 20 journalists and media workers lost their lives in attacks and targeted killings, the report says in its part of 'freedom of expression.