This is with reference to 2010 Annual report on PIA, available on its website, which states the factual affairs of this poorly managed airline with an assured average passenger load of 70%, is enough to make it break even or profitable. PIA has lost Rs 62 billion in just three years which is criminal. What else can one expect when this pre-meditated crime against PIA was committed by appointment of a controversial and unqualified crony, named Aijaz Haroon. The tragedy is that when he assumed charge there was so much hype created by the Chairman, who raised the expectations of everybody. It was as if he was an expert in aviation business, although he had only done O' Level and holding a pilot license. A PIA Restructuring Plan was presented along with a Business Plan, which aimed solely to get sovereign guarantees for more fleet induction with consequential benefits in kickbacks for few, while the airline Debt to Equity ratio further took a dip to an unrecoverable level. The unfortunate aspect was that PIA's existing fleet of Boeing 777 were underutilized and the previous Business Plan submitted had failed to achieve the target in terms of revenues and lower operational costs. This was the collective failure of whole team appointed by MD and his Chairman. The CVs of these executives and their past records and charges of indiscipline are on record, yet because of strong political connections they were appointed and were allowed to go scot-free. With no remedial measures and absolutely nobody being held responsible for causing immense loss to the tune of over Rs 62 Billion in three years, more sovereign guarantees are being sought and will most probably be given for yet another Restructuring Plan, with further losses for tax payers of Pakistan. ABRAR H, Faisalabad, April 14.