KARACHI - A senior tennis organiser of the country while welcoming plans for holding Aisamul Haq and Bopanna tennis match soon at Wagha Border check post near Lahore has appealed to the Pakistan Tennis Federation to make the planned event a bigger and more memorable one by including womens team match against India as a warm up side show and has offered services to hold the suggested event. Shahida Farooq said instead of making just one event show, the PTF should add a number of warm up side shows to the event to make it more extensive and attractive for the media which would be too willing to cover all the shows live that would also help the cause of peace between India and Pakistan. Talking to The Nation here on Thursday, Ms Shahida said the PTF should give a thought to her suggestion to include womens team events as warm up side show. Pakistani and Indian womens team could play two singles and a doubles match before the main events to generate interest. These matches would also extend the duration of the original event which would be over in a couple of hours. But her main interest in giving the suggestion, she said, was to show to the world how modern and tolerant is Pakistani nation and society where women and girls play tennis regarded as the most modern sports in contemporary world. Only few countries may know that women and girls play tennis in Pakistan but most of the world was ignorant of those facts. She said she was sure if Aisamul Haq and Bopanna play across the border at Wagha Check post it would be big media event and even international TV networks would be interested in showing it. Pakistan should take advantage of the media hype and show to the world about itself. Holding women events would give positive image of Pakistan which for the last three decades had been portrayed as a land where only fundamentalist rule and where girls and women have no rights. She said Pakistani girls Ushna Suhail, Sarah, Sara, Anusha Aslam and Mehak were all quality players and could rise to be accepted international level if given chance to play abroad in international events.