President Obama today signals the return of America to the forefront of the international effort in Libya, writing a joint article with David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy in which the three leaders commit their countries to pursue military action until Colonel Gaddafi has been removed. In the joint article, Obama reverses America's earlier cautious approach to the conflict which saw the US hand control to Nato and withdraw fighter planes just days after the intervention began and signs up his country to the more muscular intervention of his European colleagues. Obama's new interest could transform the efforts of the international community after three days of talks in the Gulf state of Qatar in effect came to nothing. Writing in Washington Post, the Times and Le Figaro (in French), the three leaders say the world would have committed an "unconscionable betrayal" if the Libyan leader is left in place, putting rebels who have been fighting against the Gaddafi regime at the mercy of his government. If left, Libya risks becoming a failed state, they write. Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron call on Gaddafi to "go and go for good", rejecting demands for an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated exit for the Libyan dictator.