The present PPP regime has got two great artists who are playing various roles extremely well in different situations faced by the government. Both are experts in bluffing the public in order to prove their efficiency and making points with the government. In the latest drama of re-visiting the 32 years old ZA Bhutto's trial, one of these two artists has resigned from his ministry in order to argue this case in the supreme court. He is also called the "Sultan Rahi" of the PPP especially when he addresses a rally or a gathering in Punjabi language with a villain accent. It is surprising, that the government could not find a better lawyer or a retired judge than him throughout its party ranks. Even Barrister Kamal Azfar who is considered more competent than this jiala (with a PhD degree from unknown university) was available to argue the case. I think, the government chose him because he is expert in delaying tactics with the Supreme Court. He has done it in many cases where the honourable court had given the judgements and this law and Justice minister parried the judgements on one pretext or the other and none has been implemented so far. In any case, this particular case could have been pended seeing other more important problems in the country which the general public is facing. ZA Bhutto's daughter, a legitimate legal heir served two terms as PM of the country and she never thought of re-visiting her father's trial as there were perhaps other pressing problems of the country to be attended to. She had her priorities in her rule. The public cannot be befooled any more especially when media brings out all aspects in full view for every step that the government takes. This step of the government to re-open ZA Bhutto's case at this stage when the country is riddled with many crises, definitely has some ulterior motives of Zardari's government. It is either to divert the attention of general public from ongoing crisis of loadshedding, lawlessness, price hike, corruption scandals etc or gain time for the government to complete its tenure of five years. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, April 14.