Rural injustice, poverty, unequal social and economic services and little or no opportunities for formal income plague the province of Sindh. It is shocking to know that more than 75 percent of the inhabitants from upper and lower districts live below the poverty line. Their poverty alarmingly increased during the Musharraf regime’s tenure and stands at its peak during the present times. The poverty-stricken people of the province pinned high hopes on the present rulers but regrettably, like successive regimes, the PPP government has done nothing to address the socioeconomic dilemma of poverty and lack of development. Recently a coterie of sluggish advisers and consultants were hired for rural development but they have only aggravated the situation. It is an open secret that these officials ruthlessly wasted and plundered the resources of the province in useless activities and did not make any attempt to sustain growth, development and socioeconomic transformation in the province. Is anyone listening?


Islamabad, April 12.