LAHORE  - An official delegation of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), comprising Keiichi Kimura, Director JETRO, Japan and Kaoru Shiraishi, Country Manager JETRO Pakistan, visited Punjab Board of Investment & Trade (PBIT).

JETRO is official trade and investment promotion office of the Government of Japan working under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

The JETRO team conducted electronic interview of Dr Sajid Yoosufani, CEO PBIT, and his team on the Retail Consumer Market in Punjab and the upcoming popular business & investment trends.

Dr Sajid Yoosufani, CEO PBIT made the case of Punjab, highlighted the lucrative and profitable opportunities for Japanese investors in the retail sector in Punjab. With over 93 million consumers and over half of it under 30 years of age, he said, Punjab offers tremendous opportunities in retail sector presently.

Pakistan’s retail industry is worth USD 42 billion and with the 18 million middle class where, an average consumer spends 42 percent of his income on food and with a sector growth rate of 7.3 percent per annum, retail sector is rising rapidly, he added.

The potential of various segments within the retail sector was amply demonstrated to the JETRO team, who would in turn convince the Japanese investors to choose Pakistan as their next business destination.

Dr Sajid said the provincial government is highly committed to the private sector development in Punjab and is offering a very pro-business environment accentuated with a positive policy framework to generate foreign and domestic investment and employment.” PBIT is essentially present to promote the viable economic sectors in Punjab and is willing to offer every support and facilitation to the Japanese investors wanting to invest in Punjab, he added.

The JETRO in its endeavours to provide latest information on the current economic and business trends in Pakistan to businessmen in Japan is presently working on gathering information pertaining to the developing consumer trends on the retail sectors in Pakistan.