Automatic gunfire and several explosions rocked the central diplomatic area of Kabul on Sunday, near a supermarket frequented by foreigners, local media said. Local media reports said that dozens of militants equipped with heavy weapons and rocket launchers entered into the area at around 1:30pm local time. “Explosion and firing was heard near Zanbaq square near German embassy,” it added. “The militants have also attacked Kabul Star hotel in Zanbaq Square and Parliament in Kart-e-Se. They have also takeover the buildings,” the sources said. “Smoke seen rising from the German embassy,” media reported.  “There is an attack going on in Pul-e-charkhi, in the east of Kabul next to Kabul Military Training Center,” report said.

“Taliban says they have done the attack,” Ariana TV reported. The Taliban say attacks taking place in Paktia and Logar provinces as well. Isaf confirmed multiple attacks across Kabul, potentially 7 locations saying  ANSF & Isaf responding as needed. “No reports of casulaties,” Isaf said. Two suicide attackers blew themselves up near Jalalabad airport, provincial spokesman Ahmad Zia Abdulazai said.